Relife - The Brand

In the 1980s, the shoe retailer RENO launched the Relife brand and marketed it under this name for years. In 2009, Pratte's design took over the Relife brand. Karl Prattes awarded the license to Central Park Shoes, whose headquarters are in Pirmasens.

Relife - Die Marke

Thanks to the resounding success of Relife, Central Park Shoes now sells the shoes worldwide, which is known for young, fashionable comfortable shoes and the proven soft-reflex system. Relife is sold in Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, England, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Turkey and the USA.

Everyday massage for the feet - Relife shoes

Relife shoes are a boon for your feet! The Relife women's line is presented in feminine forms, which also attract attention through teasing cut-outs. The Relife men's line impresses with masculine, robust and practical shoes.

But the true experience can only be understood when you slip into the stylish Relife shoes. The shoes are not equipped with a soft-reflex system sole for nothing - this actually keeps what it promises. Thanks to the unique Relife system, the natural movement sequences are supported and the spine is additionally relieved by the shock-absorbing sole. In the heel area of the Relife shoes, massage elements are used, which put the whole body in a relaxed mood and provide a wellness feeling throughout the day.



Give your feet and body a dose of relaxation in the often stressful everyday life and browse our Relife shoes for men and women for the right companion throughout the day.

Relife - These shoes wear through everyday life

The everyday massage for the feet – this is how you can describe Relife shoes well. Relife shoes are comfortable shoes that adapt to the foot shape of the wearer. The dual density system of the shoes dampens the gait and gives you a particularly pleasant feeling.

A stressful everyday life, which otherwise causes back pain and causes you discomfort, can be cushioned with the comfortable Relife shoes. Their footbed has massage elements that stimulate the foot and make you particularly soft through everyday life.